Kumon Statement

"All Children have the potential and the ability to learn beyond expectations."

                                                           Toru Kumon, Founder


The Goal of Kumon

The goal of Kumon is to make high school study easier for students. The skills required in high school include:

    Good Study Habits;
    Independent Study Skills;
    A Strong Foundation in Math and Reading;
    The Ability to Apply Basic Skills to New Concepts, and to Problem Solve.

About Kumon

Kumon is the largest private educational network in the world. Over 3 million students are currently enrolled worldwide in 45 different countries.

The Kumon method is a programmed learning curriculum designed to assist students in achieving a mastery of mathematics with an emphasis on accuracy and speed in calculation. The primary goal is to ensure the student's success at the high school level.

There are three distinguishing features of Kumon:

Individualized Learning: A diagnostic test is given to align a student's work precisely with their ability. Students are started at a "Low Comfortable Starting Point" for a few reasons. First, students are allowed to see immediate success thus increasing self-confidence and independence. Second, a reinforcement of fundamental skills is always necessary for the building of a strong foundation in the basics in order to avoid frustration at advanced levels.

Mastery: Since scholastic ability builds on previously learned skills, the Kumon student is required to master each sequential level of skill before proceeding to the next level. As students work through a given level, they correct all errors and are even assigned appropriate repetition to fully master a skill level. At the end of each level, students are given an Achievement Test to show what they have mastered.

Standard Completion Time: The Kumon student must demonstrate the ability to complete worksheets within a predetermined time limit. Repetition may be required when the time limit is exceeded. Another reason Kumon stresses speed is to better prepare your child for their school, state and college entrance exams.

With its completely individualized pace, Kumon works quite well with both those who need remedial help as well as the gifted achiever whose family is interested in academic enrichment. Classes are held year-round so that summer vacation becomes a time of reinforcement and advancement. Kumon students return to school in the fall ready to learn.

Kumon Math

The math program benefits students of all ages, preschool on up. Each individual is first placed at a comfortable starting point that allows them to develop new confidence and the ability to focus. The pace of advancement is tailor-made for each person. The student simply continues in one concept area until true mastery is demonstrated. Kumon worksheets are arranged in a very sequential manner so that the student is able to go easily from one idea to the next. The curriculum starts with counting two objects and goes through and past integral and differential calculus, differential equations and probability and statistics.

Kumon Reading

The reading program is designed specifically to emphasize the development of comprehension skills. Beginning with simple vocabulary and phonics, it continues with basic grammar and sentence structure. Finally, the student proceeds with exercises in paragraph structure, passage analysis and critical reading.

The reading program develops necessary skills for strong creative writing, essays and term papers. We show students how to apply grammatical and foundational skills they learn in many diverse ways.

Kumon Commitment

To benefit fully from the Kumon Method, it is necessary to attend each session.  Students are required to complete a comfortable amount of daily homework and return all assignments when you return for your next scheduled class.  We strongly encourage your child to accurately record their completion time on all assignments.  Please feel free to leave “feedback” notes on your child's assignments to quickly communicate concerns or accomplishments your child experienced with their homework.

While we do our best to accommodate your schedule, notification of class schedule changes is appreciated prior to class.  We will gladly reschedule your child to attend on an alternate day or leave work outside for pickup.


Kumon Centers are not day-care centers.  We cannot provide child care services.  Parents and guardians are advised that each child's study session varies in length (an average of 30 minutes per subject) according to the time it takes to complete the day's assignment.  If, in the parent's or guardian's determination, a child is not old enough to go to and from the Center on his/her own, the parent/guardian is responsible for assuring the child's arrival and departure.  The Alamo Heights Kumon Center is not responsible for ensuring that any child stays on the premises.

The parent/guardian shall be liable for any damages and injuries caused by their child to other persons and the parent agrees to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify Kumon North America, Inc., and its Instructors.  The Alamo Heights Kumon Center is not liable for any Kumon student outside the Center facility before the student enters or after the student leaves the Center.

Kumon History

The Kumon Method of learning was developed over 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher whose son was struggling with second grade arithmetic. As an educator, Mr. Kumon realized that a strong foundation in the basics was needed for success in higher level math. With that in mind, Toru Kumon created a series of worksheets for his son to do after school. Through daily practice and a commitment to mastering each concept, his son was able to solve differential equations and integral calculus problems by the time he was in the sixth grade.

For Additional Kumon Information please contact either the Alamo Heights Kumon Center or the main Kumon offices at 1-800-ABC-MATH or www.kumon.com.

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