We get asked a lot of questions about our center and about the Kumon Method. To help you we have posted some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked. We hope it helps and if you have more questions please don't hesitate to give us a call or stop by our center. We'd love to hear from you.

Is Kumon just for remedial students?

No, Kumon is for all students of all ability levels. If a student is below or at a remedial level our goal is to have them studying above grade level in about one year.

Does Kumon improve test taking skills and scores?

Yes, this is because our students are exposed to a timed test like environment everyday with their homework, which is timed and strictly structured in evaluating their mastery.

What are the levels that the math curriculum and reading are composed of?

The various levels cover pre-school through post secondary college preperpation.

How do you appropriately place the child within the varying Kumon levels?

Through a Kumon certified test given at the center by a certified Kumon Instructor.

Is Kumon affordable?

Kumon costs are spread out over a monthly payment process based on the number of courses you sign your student up for. Please contact the center for more specific information.

Is Kumon a long-term program?

Yes, Kumon is not a short-term fix for a problem your student is currently experiencing in the classroom. It is a program that works with long-term goals on improving fundamental skills and building on them creating a more prepared student for higher education and learning. This doesn't mean that it won't fix your problem it just won't happen over night.
How can 30-minutes of study a day effectively improve my students performance?

The Kumon method believes that practice makes perfect and a little bit everyday is more effective then three hours once a week.

How often does the student need to visit the center?

We strongly recommend that all students attend classes twice weekly.  We also offer once a week and three times weekly schedules to better accommodate our families.

Is this a commitment for the whole family?

Yes, family involvement makes Kumon more enjoyable, effective and productive. It allows the parent to understand each step the student takes in the Kumon process as well as providing the parent with the insight into how Kumon works in conjunction with normal school studies.

Are there age limits?

No Kumon works with individual students ability levels regardless of age and school grade. There have been students as young as three who have benefited from Kumon. Our Junior Kumon program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of early, pre-school aged students.

What are your teacher to student ratios?

Currently, there are twelve (12) instructors that work with our students.   Ratios vary on your child's placement within our program.   Junior Kumon student teacher ratios do not exceed 1:4.